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Post  [Dev]Tropic on Wed May 04, 2011 8:33 am

Youre New ? No Problem :-)

You're starting at Roumen , so talk to Remi !

Beginners Guide Beginn10

Now Equip your Weapon with the Button " I "
Beginners Guide Beginn15

After that you`re ready to fight against your first Mob , when the first Mob is down... --> LVL UP !!

Beginners Guide Beginn18

You can see your HP & SP & Your Lvl at the Top Left Site

Beginners Guide Beginn16

You can also recover your HP ! Click Pos1 at your Desk

Beginners Guide Beginn17

At the Bottom you find the Chatbox , Commands for the Chat are : /s ( Shout Message ) , /p ( Group Message , /g ( Guild Message ) , /w NAME ( Privat Message )

Beginners Guide Beginn19

With " M " You Open the Map where you can see where you are

Beginners Guide Beginn12

The " Storage Keepers " In Towns , Keeps your Items & Money for you

Beginners Guide Beginn20

You Can + Your Weapons and make them Stronger , Talk to these Guys!

Beginners Guide Enhanc10

To + Your Weapons you need Elrue , Lix , Xir

Beginners Guide Enhanc10
Beginners Guide Enhanc11
Beginners Guide Enhanc12

After you collect these Stones , Click at the Blacksmith " Refine " After that a new Window opens

Beginners Guide Enhanc12

Now you're Fit enough so Start in our Big Fantasy World :3

[ Guide by [Dev]Tropic ]

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Beginners Guide Empty NCCC

Post  Lampros on Fri May 13, 2011 2:38 am

Thats REALLY helpfoul for the new members good job!!! Very Happy

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Beginners Guide Empty client download.

Post  Ejames12 on Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:13 pm

i cant find the client download, please help!!! Sad


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